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Meet The Team

Meet Our Top-Performing Real Estate Team

Top Performing and Consistent Team of Real Estate Agents in Singapore


My name is Jacquelyn Wong
Founder of Excelsior

Excelsior was founded with the mission to form a community of like - minded team players who aim to excel in the real-estate industry.

The name Excelsior is a latin word and means "Ever Upward!" when translated in English. Team Excelsior aims to be ever upward in all we do and strive for excellence unceasingly. 


I am a property consultant with over 14 years of experience, specializing in serving clients with significant portfolios and expatriates relocating to Singapore. A key part of my business is Property Wealth Planning, and helping my clients to meet financial goals through well-tailored property portfolios. 

Before I was a realtor, I worked lead roles in sales management for several multi-national corporations, including Johnson & Johnson, Canon, the Keppel Group of Companies. My time in sales has allowed me to work with the best in the business, from the most senior corporate levels, to on-the-street prospecting. 

I have also been a business owner, who successfully franchised a music education company in the competitive enrichment industry in Singapore. As such, I am well placed to understand the challenges of the self-employed, the sales professional, and the budding entrepreneur alike. 

My passion, besides real estate, is to support these professionals in their endeavours, and see them achieve the peak of their potential. 

Jacquelyn Wong 
Founder of Team Excelsior a leading team in Real Estate

Our 'Way of Life'

Excelsior Team follows the following guiding principles, in the way we conduct ourselves and our business. These principles ensure we serve clients in a way that best meets their interests, that we consistently place ourselves and our profession in the best possible light, and that our business brings positive contributions to the communities we work in.

Our customers are always our first priority.

This means understanding our clients’ priorities, and making their priorities central in any recommendations – be it regarding property sales, rental contracts, or matters of property investment. We listen and understand, and we are proactive in asking questions, to develop clarity in the aims and desires of our clients.

We value our clients and want to build long-term relationships, beyond the context of a single transaction.


When offers are made on a client’s property, we will not only inform sellers of only the highest offer, but also inform them of all offers; this is accompanied by our advice on the prospective buyers’ profiles, and financial analysis for each offer received. We never reject offers without informing the client, in the interest of ethics and professionalism. 

Having transparent and open communications with our clients are key to building trust, and on arriving at the best possible outcome for each client. 

Ethics are at the forefront of our decision-making process.

All our team members are registered with Council of Estate Agencies (CEA) in Singapore. We pride ourselves on ethical practices that exhibit the highest degree of professionalism, and we want to exceed rather than just meet standards set by regulatory bodies. 

Our professional conduct is guided by ethics. These ethical standards will show in how we interact with our clients, on social and mainstream media, with the general public, and with fellow industry professionals. 


The lure of higher commissions can result in unconscionable practices, such as refusing to return calls from other agents (to avoid co-broking); or the selective presentation of offers / transaction data to manipulate client decisions. 

Excelsior Team rejects these practices as they are detrimental to the agent, the firm, and the wider industry over the long term. We seek to build long term value, based on transparent truths and proven reputations. We never aim to “game the system” for short-term advantages. 

We recognise and nurture potential.

We believe our members have the unique talents and the potential to be the best in the industry, and we emphasise the importance of nurturing these individuals. We encourage open-minded learning, collaborative efforts, and initiatives that bring shared success and actualise potential.

We take the same approach to each inquiring or prospective member, seeking to help them understand their own gifts, and how we can provide the correct environment to make them the best realtors possible. 

Nurturing potential includes developing leadership, and ensuring our managers are equipped to guide and take our team members to their next level of achievement. 


We nurture our team members by understanding what motivates them, analysing their unique strengths and weakness, and cultivating their interpersonal and non-verbal communication skills to find success. 

We earn the trust we’re given.

We don’t seek to buy upvotes, advertorials, or positive media. Each of our team members earns the trust they receive, by treating clients with respect, and aiming to create positive long-term relationships. 

We believe that genuine trust and reputation can only be earned through actions. This means ethical practices, transparent communications, honest exchanges, and constructive feedback. 

Even in the most challenging situations, we will be timely, efficient, reliable, and hard-working to build a trust-based relationship with clients. This is the backbone of our success: clients who trust and continue to come back to us, with referrals or future needs. 


We work in teams, that require each member trust the other to do their best. As with a relay race, the baton is passed from one runner to the next, until it reaches the finish line. In our race, we have runners who can run fast and some who run slower; but no one is left behind - we run together and trust that as a whole, we’ll get to the finish line victorious. 

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