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An Emphasis on Singapore's Best Properties

As a realtor, I focus on districts 9,10,11,15 and 16; the districts of Bukit Timah, Holland, Tanglin, East Coast and Sentosa are my regions of focus in Singapore. 

Whether my clients are interested in investment or an own-stay property, my extensive background in the landed and luxury market segments empowers me to meet their needs. 

Besides property purchases, I also provide expertise in relocation services for expatriates, and rental-related services

If you’re new to Singapore, or just considering moving here, do connect and we will share more  on the services we provide for the purchase or leasing of homes. I’ll be glad to give you an insight into the various districts, on what to look for, and a rundown on the quirks of each particular neighbourhood. 

I have put together a list of specially curated properties over the years that I personally have transacted in and recommended to my clients. Find out more here

Transitioning To Landed and Prime Region Property Segments

For Excelsior Team members, I’m happy to provide mentorship for those seeking to break into similar markets. 

This means introducing you to the common investment strategies for each prime location, price histories, and trends. This also means you’ll learn how to compare properties in a way that makes sense to high-net worth clients, and advise them on building a property portfolio that serves longer term needs. 


You’ll also find detailed data, insights, and a ground-level look at properties in these prime regions – and have a better understanding of the people who buy them. 

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