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Mary Baey

Associate Marketing Consultant

I am Mary, a dedicated professional with an extensive background in the corporate world, specializing in satellite communications.   I have worked in various capacities, including sales, marketing and daily company management.  Throughout my career, I have prioritized team collaboration and profitability to drive growth and success of the companies that I have been a part of.


While I have thrived in my corporate career, my passion for real estate has been a constant in my life.  Over the years, I have bought and sold a couple of my own properties.   I find real estate is more than just an interest, it is also a personal passion that has been with me over the years.


Optimism is a defining trait of my personality as I approach life with enthusiasm and a preference for seeing the positive side of any situation.  I do believe that a positive mindset is a key for success and can help overcome challenges in any field.


I am an independent person and I work well with others.   I am excited with the opportunity to be a part of the team and the exciting journey ahead


Mary Baey
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