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Personalised Sales Coaching

World-Class Coaching To Transcend

Accelerate Your Sales

If you’re new to the real estate industry, a common challenge is a lack of sales experience. Even experienced property agents may need help, as real estate sales is no longer what it was in past decades. 

Today, sales are no longer restricted to lead generation, follow-ups, and closing. Home buyers seek a level of client care and professionalism that go beyond “rubber-stamping” and planned timelines. At Excelsior, we teach realtors to deliver a positive experience throughout the sales process. We work together to support your change of mindset. Through team partnerships, joint marketing efforts, and a collaborative environment, you can truly learn to be your own (effective) boss.


We do this in an environment of trust and integrity, creating an empowering workspace for new realtors and mid-career change professionals alike

We’ll show you how to use a negotiation process that brings win-win closings, instead of outdated adversarial systems. Our courses help you to capitalise on your natural strengths via soft skills and mindset training, and shows you how to run a business that’s aligned with your values. 

Our team mentors and leaders have strong corporate backgrounds, working with leading Multi-National brands across the world; they’ve learned from the best and brightest, and are poised to deliver a world-class sales training program.

Jacquelyn Wong, Founder and CEO of Team Excelsior also offers her coaching services in collaboration with Collective Change Institute where she has obtained her credentials as a Certified Practicing Coach. Read more about her coaching services here

Team Excelsior Sales Program
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