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Aldrich Soh

Associate Senior Division Director

With over two decades as a seasoned senior corporate executive, I've transitioned my wealth of expertise into a thriving real estate career. My years of journey in corporate leadership and strategy, overseeing large-scale organizations; both local and global, has honed my strategic mindset and effective business management. My passion for nurturing talent and fostering growth is rooted in my belief in empowering individuals, making mentorship a cornerstone of success.

As an ACTA certified trainer, I've enriched my career through corporate training, facilitating knowledge transfer. Today, my client-centric focus in the real estate sector ensures seamless, stress-free transactions. My proficiency in business management, people leadership, and strategic operations translates into transferable skills that drive real estate success.

I'm more than a real estate professional; I'm a dedicated advocate for clients, combining corporate wisdom with a genuine passion for real estate. I invite you to experience excellence in real estate, where corporate acumen meets a client-focused approach on a shared journey to success.


Aldrich Soh
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