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Mentors in Real Estate. Jacquelyn Wong . Yap Boon Seng. Experienced leaders and mentors to guide new RES and agents

Jacquelyn is one of the most encouraging and upbeat person, team leader and a friend. I have known her for 14 years and proud to witness her personal and business growth. I strongly belief her exponential growth is in tandem with her clear and concise goals. She is able to go against all odds and still able to achieve stellar results.

Jacquelyn is constantly striving to improve herself and her team well being, doing her utmost for everyone. From there she sets a good role model for everyone to pace and it’s vital in her business and environment.

A remarkable lady both at work and home, truly my pleasure knowing her.

Mr Yap Boon Seng – Associate Senior Group District Director, Huttons Asia Pte Ltd 

One of the key factors that I look for in a team which will help me grow in my real estate career is the support that I can get from the team members and my Manager.


Learning from each others’ successes and failures can strengthen my growth as a professional.  I always believe that this quote is the pillar of any high performing team ~


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller. I am so glad that I am with a team that can do a lot more together.

Ms Edna Liong – Team Excelsior
Edna Liong
Jamie Peh

I am grateful to have made this choice to join Huttons, Navis Group under Jacquelyn. Being in this team, I have a very supportive mentor (Jacquelyn) and network who have guided and assisted me as I kickstart my real estate journey.

It's important to have a well-rounded team and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Ms Jamie Peh – Team Excelsior

Keeping abreast of market trends and regulations is a fundamental duty of a realtor. But customer management goes beyond just paper knowledge.


More often than not, using past cases is effective in helping customers understand how the real estate market works practically. And this team offers the perfect safe environment to learn from other teammates experiences!

Ms Jeslin Toh – Team Excelsior
Hendra Ng

It is a steep learning curve in real estate, and in order to accelerate in my learning, I took up many opportunities available at Excelsior to speed up. This made the steep learning curve easy with a good team and many programs! 

The resources such as Property Wealth Planning, Real Time and Real Case Studies, State of the Art Software and Support from the team is what I gain a lot from and build a strong foundation which has given me a rewarding career in real estate and now becoming a team manager to impart on and give back in Team Excelsior.

Mr Hendra Ng – Team Manager of a Growing Team
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