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Jacquelyn Wong

CEO & Founder

Jacquelyn has been a property consultant for over 14 years, specialising in serving expatriate tenants and clients with significant portfolios. A key part of her business is Property Wealth Planning, and helping her clients to meet financial goals through well-tailored property portfolios. 

Before she was a realtor, she worked lead roles in sales management for several multi-national corporations, including Johnson & Johnson, Canon, the Keppel Group of Companies. Her time in sales has allowed her to work with the best in the business, from the most senior corporate levels, to on-the-street prospecting. 

She has also been a business owner, who successfully franchised a music education company in the competitive enrichment industry in Singapore. As such, she is well placed to understand the challenges of the self-employed, the sales professional, and the budding entrepreneur alike. 

Her passion, besides real estate, is to support these professionals in their endeavours, and see them achieve the peak of their potential. 

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Jacquelyn Wong
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