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Sentosa Properties and Its Appeal

Sentosa Properties: Enchanting both locals and foreigners with its dream-like location in Sentosa.

Sentosa is an island off Singapore which has a unique appeal for Singaporeans and Foreigners alike.

When i was a young little girl in the 1980s to 1990s, Sentosa was a simple beach destination where locals would go on the weekend to explore the lush greenery and laze by the beach. It’s public beaches offered clean sandy spots to have a picnic and safe enclosed beaches with life guards allowed swimmers to venture into the lagoon of sea water to cool off from the heat.

Getting to Sentosa is possible by driving, the cable car or by a train service from Vivocity to Sentosa.

Sentosa began to transform into a tourist destination for Universal Studios and Resorts World Sentosa. Today it boasts of having a theme park, a casino, the S.E.A Aquarium as one of the popular attractions when one visits Singapore. Yearly many tourists and locals alike visit these attractions and make Sentosa a must visit venue.

Sentosa also started to offer luxury waterfront homes from condominiums to landed homes that have amazing views of the sea and a lifestyle of having a yacht to berth in your own home. The area where these luxury Sentosa homes are located is an area called Sentosa Cove.

These luxury property developments boast a site of 117 hectares of land offering a prestigious integrated oceanfront marina residential community.

Sentosa Cove - An Aerial View of the luxury homes located in an exclusive area in Sentosa island

Sentosa Cove is located about 10 mins drive from the Sentosa gantries upon entering Sentosa island. The drive to Sentosa Cove is a scenic and beautiful drive in with lovely trees lining the road. To keep your luxury sports cars in check so as not to speed, speed cameras are also installed to along the road in.

The homes offered here are landed homes which foreigners can purchase and condominiums. Foreigners are allowed to purchase a landed home on Sentosa without the need to get Land Dealings Authority Unit approval which is required when purchasing a landed home on Singapore land.

To find out more about foreign ownership of property, click on this link.

The landed homes on Sentosa are very interesting as compared to those on Singapore island. Most of the homes boasts of a private swimming pool on its premises, a berth for your personal yacht and a idyllic resort lifestyle. The streets have pedestrian pavements for walking, cycling to the Marina and shops located at Quayside Isle on Sentosa and you will see golf buggies as a common mode of transport as well.

Coral Island lovely resort living on Sentosa Cove

One of the main attractions and allure of living in Sentosa is the beautiful unblocked views of the open sea. This is the only spot in Singapore where you get unobstructed views of the sea right in front of your property to marvel at every day! The smell of the sea and the lifestyle of being able to walk along the sea side is its best offering. No where else will you get to live with such beautiful sea views with quiet tranquil on Singapore island.

This home boasts of an amazing sea view and the city skyline off in the background of Tanjong Pagar Area.

Condominiums on Sentosa are also another popular choice. These limited condominiums offer easy access to the sea front coastal walk and its high rise towers offers amazing far out views of Singapore island and other islands afar.

Here are a list of condominiums on Sentosa:

  • The Oceanfront On Sentosa

  • Seascape

  • The Coast on Sentosa Cove

  • Marina Collection

  • The Azure

  • The Berth by the Cove

  • Turquoise

  • The Residences at W Singapore

  • Cape Royale ( For Lease only)

These condominiums are popular with expats for and has a gated 24 hour security with absolute peace of mind and privacy.

Oceanfront Sentosa Condominium

Luxury Condominiums on Sentosa island offering open views from every unit with a balcony of the open seas.

Above images are just some of the amazing condominiums you can find on Sentosa Cove, these are Oceanfront, The Azure, Cape Royale and Marina Collection (from left to right). The condominium units are spacious and offer 2 bedroom to 4 bedroom units with penthouses in certain developments.

Sizes of the units here are also very generous with large balconies comfortably allowing a table for dining or lounge chairs to enjoy the lovely views and bedroom sizes that will fit queen sized beds as a minimum. The minimum size of the units here start from 1,200 square feet for a 2 bedroom condominium to over 2,000 square feet for 4 bedroom units.

Home Prices On Sentosa

Homes prices for sale for condominiums start from S$1,800,000 onwards for a 2 bedroom unit (this data is true at time of article written in November 2020).

For Landed homes prices start from S$8,000,000 to over S$20,000,000 depending on the land size and number of rooms and its unique offerings of wine cellar, swimming pool and the views it has to offer.

Considering this price tag and the amazing lifestyle it offers, it is no wonder that Sentosa Cove comes to mind for those looking to enjoy the prestige and luxury home that is hard to find in Singapore.

For rental of properties on Sentosa, you can get a 2 bedroom unit starting from S$4,500 to S$12,000 for a 4 bedroom or 5 bedroom unit in a condominium. These prices are not more expensive as compared to prime districts in Singapore such as Orchard Road, River Valley and Bukit Timah Areas. This is one of the reasons why Sentosa is becoming a popular option for expats and locals alike who like to live away from the busyness of the city and come home to the tranquility and relaxing lifestyle.

One comment that i frequently get when showing homes on Sentosa is that it is away from construction and road noise offering a peaceful home. You see, on Sentosa there are currently no immediate land with construction, so you wont be seeing any construction site, no MRT tunnel works and no new condos being built!

It is going to be a quiet home with lovely sea views and you can sip your wine or have a cuppa on your lovely balcony taking in the sights of the open sea and smelling the sea waters. That’s a life like no other!

If you are keen to rent or purchase a property on Sentosa, please kindly contact me for a no-obligation discussion on your housing needs and let’s connect.

Now is the time to experience a lifestyle of exclusivity and luxury with lifestyle offerings like no other on Sentosa!

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