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Is it possible to become an owner of multiple properties with no ABSD and low-quantum investment?

Why are International Properties so popular with Singapore Buyers?

There is a rising increase in Singapore buyers who are investing and purchasing into overseas properties. In 2021, when property prices in Singapore begin to move upwards and also many new launches in Singapore have shown strong purchasing power with 80% or more sold on launch date, many Singaporeans clearly believe that property is an asset class that is stable and worth to put their money in.

For many Singaporeans, the dream of owning a property overseas and beachside condos are opportunities to take and is a reachable goal with attractive prices starting from S$350,000*. These international properties are surprisingly attractive with Freehold or 999 leasehold status and offer attractive payment schemes. Property is an asset class that many see as a hedge against inflation and a safe haven to invest in.

The RISE of the Strong Singapore Dollar

One of the strongest in South East Asia

Today in 2022, the Singapore Dollar has remained strong and shows clear signs of stability versus other foreign currencies. The Singapore Dollar continues to appreciate against Asian currencies such Malaysian Ringgit, The Indonesian Rupiah, The Thai Baht, The Japanese Yen and The British Pounds.

These countries are also familiar countries to the well-travelled Singaporeans who frequently take holiday trips and these can be good investments as a holiday home or retirement homes.

No ABSD and Loan Eligibility of up to 70%*

One can also leverage on mortgage loans and get up to 70%* in most cases to finance the property purchase. This makes a very attractive purchase with many buyers being able to own multiple properties with its low capital outlay of 10 to 20%*. Deferred Payment Schemes are also offered from some of these developers with a minimum down payment of 10% to 20% and a progressive payment scheme for most overseas projects.

This makes it very attractive if you have some additional cash sitting in the bank of say just S$30,000, you can put it into a purchasing an overseas property that will generate you a good yearly rental and make your money work harder for you.


For foreign properties ownership, there is no LTV and TDSR which means that even if you do own a property in Singapore, you are still eligible for taking up a mortgage loan for your property purchase in the foreign country. This is how many Singaporeans who have cash sitting in the bank and have put their money to better use by investing in a foreign property. To find out more on which properties we have in the various countries that will suit your budget contact us now for a no obligation chat.

*Disclaimer: Various overseas developer has different down payments and payment schemes. Subject to changes according to the overseas developer's terms and conditions. Loan Eligibility is subject to financial institutions approvals. Terms and conditions of the overseas property apply and in accordance to the foreign property laws of the country.

Reputable WORLD-CLASS Developers & Projects

Stability and Reputable Developers

We know the common concern and question asked is how financially strong is the developer? We only market overseas projects that are from reputable world-class developers who have a strong track record and are renowned brand names that are financially strong.

Some of these familiar names are Singaporean Developers such as Banyan Tree Group, Citidines group, Oxley Group, Tuan Sing Group, and Berkeley UK Group.

We ensure that we do the due diligence of marketing and selling properties that give the peace of mind and has a quality standard in the materials and project development offered.

Countries and Projects that are currently hot selling and popular with our clients:

  • London, United Kingdom

  • Bali, Indonesia

  • Bintan, Indonesia

  • Bangkok, Thailand

  • Vietnam

  • Cambodia

  • Australia

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Johor Bahru, Malaysia

To Find out more about how you can invest in a overseas property with prices that start from S$380,000* onwards in our portfolio of South East Asia properties, have a chat with us.

9 Top Reasons To Invest In International Properties

  1. No Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD)

  2. No Total Debt Service Ratio (TDSR)

  3. Zone 1 London Properties from only $7xxK

  4. Zone 2 London Properties from S$4xxK

  5. Near Top Universities

  6. Near CBD & Shopping

  7. Up to 60% - 70% Loan

  8. Deferred Payment

  9. Interest Service Only Loan Available*

Popular London Properties by Renowned Developer, Berkeley Group

Marketing Agency for The Berkeley Group

We are proud to be the marketing agency for The Berkeley Group which is one of the most renowned and world-class financially strong developer for over 50 years. The Berkeley Group has a Singapore Sales Office for our esteemed clients to make an appointment to explore their entire suite of properties in London and UK for sale. London has a good reputation as being an advanced city in the United Kingdom with a strong workforce and transport system that make it so easy to travel and work in the city. The many Ivy League Universities such as Wharton, University of London and Imperial College of London are top universities that attract the brightest young minds who come to study at these world class institutions from all over the world. Let’s take an example of a UK London Property with a price tag of S$650,000*, in this developed city where rental yields can fetch a good return of 4%* or more, to invest and make a purchase will only be 10% booking fee and 10% a year later from date of purchase, with the balance 70- 80% fully financed by the bank (subject to bank approval). With an low capital outlay, one can comfortably also put a down payment and buy a condo in the prestigious London that has continued to be a vibrant and stable city that attracts talent and home to many Ivy League Universities. Many Singaporeans and other nationalities have bought a condo for investment to rent to the many working executives who work in London and also foreign students, they enjoy a good and steady rental with London always having a shortage of supply in homes built. If you like to find out more about properties for sale from The Berkeley Group, contact us for a no obligation chat.

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