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Benz Tan

Associate Marketing Manager

I am Benz, a dedicated real estate agent whose journey from the IT sector to real estate has been driven by a commitment to help clients navigate the complexities of the housing market. Leveraging my project management experience, I enjoy helping clients in reaching their goals and needs.


In today's real estate landscape, a home is more than just a place to live; it serves diverse purposes including investment , estate planning, and more. At times, clients are uncertain about their desires and options. This is where I am able to understand and provide personalised solutions based on clients' needs, aspirations, and challenges.


While there's a common perception that people from the IT sector are often seen as 'nerds,'  known for their straightforward thinking and no-nonsense approach, I believe in the positive aspects of this stereotype. I consider myself a hybrid of genuineness and a knack for thinking outside the box.. all within the rules and regulations of course (as how a software programmer would follow the programming language syntax =).


I understand that buying or selling a home can be a pivotal moment in someone's life. I approach each transaction with empathy and diligence, ensuring that my clients can rely on me to provide transparent and honest guidance. Your best interests will always be protected throughout the process. I can be the partner you can trust in the housing market.


Benz Tan
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